Jago Strong-Wright

Hello! I'm Jago, a PhD student attempting to quantify the fate of carbon in blue carbon systems such as kelp forests to work out how they could be enhanced to sequester more carbon, and to help better understand how these biological systems effect the broader ocean carbon cycle. I work in the Ocean Dynamics group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Professor John Taylor.

What I've been up to

  •  OceanBioME.jl - In order to study ocean carbon systems I am currently developing a Julia package for the easy and flexible modelling of ocean biogeochemical systems. Built on top of Oceananigans.jl it provides the tools for studying the coupled interactions of ocean biology, carbonate chemistry, and physics.
  •  Modeling the Growth Potential of the Kelp Saccharina Latissima in the North Atlantic - Using a mathematical model of S. latissima (implemented in Julia) forced by ocean state estimates we determined which areas of the North Atlantic may be suitable for growing kelp (a proposed carbon sequestration strategy)
  •  SugarKelp.jl - Model of sugar kelp implimented in Julia
  •  getgfs - get NOAA GFS forecasts in Python with no platform specific dependencies